Our GrandPas and GrandMas – GLC Team , Mumbai

Our GrandPas and GrandMas – GLC Team , Mumbai

Adore India GLC team, along with the National Service Scheme, GLC Mumbai conducted a session under the Adore India project Our GrandPas and GrandMas. The session was at Missionaries of Charity, Byculla, which was a Home for the differently abled run by nuns.

Our session was so planned that we could interact with the persons living in the Home and have an eventful afternoon. We sang songs and encouraged them to dance along. Everyone was hesitant initially but the session turned out to be great fun and a success.

The Sisters at the orphanage informed us that most of the people in their Home were abandoned and they will live there for the rest of their lives. Sister insisted that we are all God’s children and that no should be treated any differently; the people in the Home only needed some help and support from others.

The kindness and the gentleness shown by the Sisters made it a refreshing experience for all the volunteers. We learnt that some of the residents make impressive cards with beautiful patterns on them.
The Home had a positive atmosphere and everyone was friendly. They asked us not to take photos, but they left us with imprints in our hearts.

– Shrutika Barabde


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